New York Religious Organizations Insurance coverage

Religious Organizations Insurance

Why Do You Need Religious Organizations Insurance?

Religious organizations in New York have an important role in the community, and unfortunately, that can lead these organizations to a number of different risks being faced daily. At Proficient Services, we are experts in understanding the unique challenges religious organizations face and help to protect your building, congregation, employees, and volunteers. Many religious organizations also have other activities, such as childcare or counseling services, which can add to the associated risks.

It can be difficult to understand all the risks that are involved in running a religious organization. Some of the risks can include a group of teenagers vandalizing your place of worship, which would be covered under property insurance. Another risk can be a child falling and hurting an arm on the church playground, which would be covered by liability insurance. A church member could be accused of embezzlement or fraud, and business crime insurance will help cover losses if volunteers, congregants, or staff commit robbery, fraud, or theft.

Types of Insurance Offered

With so many risks, it’s important that each risk is covered by a particular part of the policy, or with multiple policies. Religious organizations may need general liability, property insurance, commercial auto, director and officer’s liability, and crime and fidelity insurance, depending on the needs of each specific organization. Professional liability insurance is critical, so that counselors, teachers, staff, and volunteers have a layer of protection.

Things to Know about Religious Organizations Insurance

It’s important to review coverage every year. Coverage on your property may have changed over time, so don’t assume coverage is sufficient. Other areas of your coverage may need to change. Understanding the risks of the church is essential, and board members usually handle this in order to have the right coverage. Engage everyone in the organization and others to have a holistic approach to the risks, including all aspects of church activity.

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